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The Cleaner

Keep your data safe and help them recover from malware infections
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The Internet world is a pretty dangerous world, as various malware can easily infect your PC, especially if it is unprotected. The Cleaner was designed to help users keep their computers clean and remove all the malware already present.

Although it is not one of the most popular protection tools, I think that The Cleaner is still a decent application, which can be really useful. It constantly updates its database and lets you download the latest anti-virus technology, thus keeping you safe from the newest threats.

One of the things that generally bug me when using this kind of applications is that you have to wait for long the scanning process to complete. The Cleaner provides a better solution, as it features a smart scanning option where it only checks the folders where malware is known to possibly hide. This will drastically reduce the duration of the process, while also being just as effective as the full scanning in most of the cases.

I also really appreciated the extra tools that the program provides. The "Autorun Vaccine" protection is a great way of ensuring that no unwanted programs will make it to your startup list. Moreover, the "Force Delete File" function will allow the application to terminate files, which can't normally be cleaned.

In my opinion, The Cleaner is a program that is definitely worth trying out. It's not very expensive, it offers a lot of handy features and it gets the job done. This is why I would recommend this application to everyone in need of a PC security solution.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Has a smart scanning function
  • Provides frequent data base updates
  • Keeps logs of every action it takes
  • Offers additional tools


  • It takes a long time to install
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